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I'm retired. I invented dice when I was a kid.
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Sorry. I'm a terrible LJ friend. I never get on anymore and I never update and I don't comment on my flist's posts and I'm horrible.

But I love you. *binkbink*

If you don't like your LJ to be clogged with people that never update, feel free to defriend me, but let me say that if you ever need to talk to me, just drop me a line and I will find the time to talk to you. ^^

I've just been busy with school, work, friends, and family, so yeah.

♥ you.

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I got a job! Wewt!

It's just a part-time job at a local dollar store, but still...a job! I was really bummed out when I found out that PRCC won't let you charge your id, parking permit, and additional supplies to the bookstore to be paid with your pale grant money anymore. Which basically translated into, "you have to have all of this stuff to attend college, but you can't pay for it with the money we gave you go go to college. Sorry." So in my case was, you can't attend college.

However, I have this job now and I should be able to at least get a few things in time. I'll get my loan and whatever is left from my pale grant around Midterms. Go me?

Today I'm babysitting Jordan's little brother. He woke up puking and Ms. Shelly couldn't miss work today. I was planning on sleeping in a bit, but, hey, I get money for it. Maybe I can get some minutes for my phone, so I won't feel so freaked out when driving alone at night with a broken gas gage.

Still have a few hundred words left to write for my YuleTide, I'll probably finish that up today before I head into work. I really like it. The managers are really nice and it's not that difficult. My feet hurt by the end of the day, but, such is life.

Hopefully, I'll get to go hang out with lintwhite and scrawled at their grandparents' house soon. That's always lots of fun.

Well, Canaan's not going to put up with me being on the computer when there is Spiderman to be watched. Later!

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Hey, sorry you guys! I just haven't felt like getting online to update lately.

So, erm, news...

Yay Obama! And, uh, it was my nephew Louis's 2nd birthday on the fifth and Meg and Layne's mom's birthday on the seventh.

I finally got to go and talk to the people at the financial aid office at the college and I think I've finally got that sorted out. Hopefully by this time, two months from now, I'll be taking classes. My sister was even nice enough to go through all the core classes I'll have to take and explained each teacher's teaching style so that I could chose my courses based on that. That will save a lot of possible difficulty later, I hope.

I got interviewed for a waitress, cashier, hostess gig, BUT they haven't called my references like they said they were and I've called them back and left messages...guess they don't want me. D:

Well, I'll prolly update more often now, I hope and I'm going to backread to keep up with everyone.


ETA: Katelyn just added me on MySpace. WTAF?

Oh and I finished Fight Club, btw.

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